DIY Shoe Covers

… after a long hiatus I am back.
When I view the stats on this blog I am amazed that people continue to visit here long after any new content has appeared. So here is something to alleviate my guilt.

Here’s my most recent project. The story is told completely in pictures.

DIY cycling shoe covers made from plastic shopping bags (3 layers thick), a heat gun (set on low), and duct-tape patches. For those not familiar with cycling, shoe covers are for cold, wet weather (they are not necessarily to be worn as a fashion accessory — hence, the duct-tape)

After finishing this project I would now suggest that most people just buy these from your LBS (Local Bike Shop). With size 15 feet I have limited options. I will respond to specific questions in the comments if you actually want to make a pair of your own.

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2 Responses to DIY Shoe Covers

  1. Steve says:

    I made some tonight in Boat Dock Bandit green. They look weird and Sue will die when she sees them. Let’s see how they hold up and keep feet warm. Thanks for the idea, Ed.

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