One of my top peeves is when a FAQ is not actually the result of Frequently Asked Questions, but instead the invention of some web designer.
For this reason I am calling it what it really is– “Frequently Anticipated Questions”. Because many of the ideas in this blog have been expressed elsewhere by me, I can anticipate the likely responses to them in advance and attempt to include some of them here.  This  might have also been called an “about page” but that would be too traditional for me.

Q1. “Why are you writing this blog?”
A. The answer to this question has changed several times and will likely change again:

  • To chronicle my preparation and attempt at the Tour Divide in June of 2012 (roughly 18 months)
  • To provide a journal for my progeny should they ever care to read it.
  • To provide structure for the thoughts that occupy and haunt my mind.  Once written down these thoughts become available for further refinement, collaboration, prioritization, archiving,… forgetting, ridicule.
  • Facebook has proven to be unsuitable for expressing “bigger” ideas.
  • To become more skillful at communicating through the written word.
  • I don’t scale very well one-on-one.
  • A long time ago, a good friend of mine told me I needed to write a book.  He also proposed the title, “I have a theory…” — Thanks Mark.
    I’m unlikely to ever write a book, but if I were, this would be the first step.

Q2. “Of course, if you’re going to do it that way.”
A. This response used to severely irritate me. Now I consider it to be the highest compliment.
Even better is when someone will argue and say it’s a ridiculous/impossible/unnecessary idea.  A day later the idea will seem ok to them.  A week later the idea was theirs.

Q3. “That idea is hardly original. I’ve heard/seen/read/… it before.”
A. By itself, this response is of minimal value.  With some additional citation I would happily include it. Proper attribution is important to me.

Q4. “But what about x, y, and z?”
A. This is a question requiring a considered and appropriate response.

Q5. “Do you know you used the wrong word/misspelled this word/used poor grammar?”
A. “Thanks, it’s fixed now”

Q6. “Hey, why don’t you patent that idea?”
A. My last/first attempt at this resulted in a $800 bill for a search to discover that someone had already patented it 18 years ago.  The inventor died before he could see it through.

Q7.Why the blog title “Over the Top?”
A. Other titles were considered and summarily rejected for this blog, like:
“Off the Grid”, “Better off Ed”, and “I Have a Theory…”
Because the title, “Over the Top” is a penta-entendre (probably a record for me) it was chosen.

  1. The banner picture is one taken of me last year on the Tour de Park City, while cresting Bald Mt. along the Mirror Lake Highway in the High Uintas. Only someone who has done this climb before knows the feeling at that moment.
  2. The case when humor has gone too far.
  3. The fact that I am “over-the-hill” (55 as of one week ago, if anyone is still counting)
  4. The focus of this blog is now centered around my preparations for the Tour Divide, in reference to the Continental Divide. An obvious “Over the Top[S]”
  5. My site name “tootallinutah” refers to my 6′-8″ height.

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