DIY Studded Snow Tires

Cabin Fever.  It seems Central Utah has been hit with more snow than usual this year and that it has stayed around longer.  So I pulled out an old pair of tires modified 15 years ago to deal with this kind of situation.  A pair of homemade studded snow tires for your bike.  If your bike has a disc brake I suggest a different solution which does not require the sacrifice of an old bike tire.  That approach only needs a bunch of zip-ties.

Because I’ve learned that many people don’t bother to scroll a blog post I’ll first show you the *why* I do these hacks.  If after that you are still interested in knowing the *how*, scroll down.

My previous hack worked well enough at the time but now seems in need of an update.  4 prototypes later I have a design that is marginally better performing than this first version.  It’s amazing how well this first attempt actually worked.  I won’t describe the original design because it was difficult and messy.  It involved pan-head sheet metal screws and rubber grommets prepared by coring out the sidewall of a corded car tire.

Use #8 x ½” Truss screws left over from a previous project.

Similar sheet metal screws would probably work also.

Use ¾” PVC pipe cap for as guide for cutting tape to cover screw heads.  Gorilla Tape™ or cloth-backed duct tape is best suited for this application.  Other tapes failed after less than 40 miles of riding.

Not shown is the marking and drilling of tire.  Tire are marked from outside and then drilled completely through tire from outside-to-inside.  Drill perpendicular through middle of tire “knobby” at the periphery of the contact patch.  This tire took 32 screws total.  Stagger screws alternately and equally on each side of tire center.

Use an 1/8″ thick drilled metal strip to set cut-off depth.

Use Dremel™ type tool with cut-off wheel to trim protruding screws.

Finished close-up of DIY studded snow tire.

Ready to roll…

A winter time bike rack!

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One Response to DIY Studded Snow Tires

  1. Bryan says:

    This is a great idea. Awesome.

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