What Is It #1?

Just because I got bored this evening I decided to blog a game called “What is It?”

wind-weasel… and also “What is it used for?”.

In past posts I have provided a complete rationale and a “how to”.  This time I am just posing this challenge with an accompanying picture and if necessary a video.

After pondering this image for a while here is another hint…

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Put Your Hand Pump on a Short Leash

This tutorial describes an unusual method of inflating a bike tire with a compact hand pump.  This might seem unnecessary or perhaps even lame but I am doing so to possibly breathe new life into an old friend (no pun intended)…

This method is best described in a video demonstration and will mark my first foray into this media on this blog so please forgive the low production values.  Thanks go to my daughter, Karen, for the use of her GoPro camera for this video shoot.


Note:  The bike pump leash is constructed from a 36″ shoestring knotted into a loop. The sliding cinch is formed from a plastic zip tie.  A leash built using an old ID lanyard might also be useable for this application.

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The Chimera Bike Project

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Last summer my old bicycle frame developed a crack in the top tube and needed to be retired (Yes, even frames will eventually wear out when you ride them long enough).  Cannondale no longer makes a 66cm frame since moving … Continue reading

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Asphalt Walk-Out Socks

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Last summer I did a solo ride up and over the Nebo Loop here in Utah.  This is a very scenic ride with ~5000 feet of climbing and 75 miles without much access to water or other support facilities.  I … Continue reading

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Interview with a Wookie

[ed note:  Normally I would post this entry in the “Notes” section of Facebook but it has proven to be unsuitable for curation so I am posting here instead] A week ago I am driving home with Dante; running my leg of … Continue reading

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DIY Shoe Covers

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… after a long hiatus I am back. When I view the stats on this blog I am amazed that people continue to visit here long after any new content has appeared. So here is something to alleviate my guilt. … Continue reading

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Fwd: THE GLMR | Ride for Hope, Healing, & Happiness

This post is actually composed from an email I recently received from a friend, Herrick Muhlestein.  I think it is self explanatory.  I plan to participate in this ride.  I invite you to join in also. Thanks, -ed I refer … Continue reading

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