Repurposing Purell

I recently placed an item on my “Bucket List” see Tour Divide

As part of the preparations/research for this ride I have been experimenting with various products and finding new/novel ways of combining and re-purposing them in order achieve overall simplicity.  My first example is Purell® used as both an underarm deodorant AND as a fuel source for a cook stove.  I provide only the test results for underarm deodorant in this blog post.  Sorry, no pictures or detailed how-to this time.  It’s my belief that such graphic details are unnecessary and undesired.

For the past 2 months I have used Purell and it’s substitutes as an underarm deodorant under the most extreme conditions:  Running 35 miles a week, sometimes using the same clothes on multiple days without washing them. Sometimes I’ll only take a “Hobo Shower” before a run (Wet Wipe and Purell).  Purell works in this application better than anything I have ever used before.  It even has a pleasant scent to it.

In a future article I will report the findings of Purell as a cook stove fuel source.

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