Interview with a Wookie

[ed note:  Normally I would post this entry in the “Notes” section of Facebook but it has proven to be unsuitable for curation so I am posting here instead]

wookie portraitA week ago I am driving home with Dante; running my leg of the parent-grandparent-parent handoff.  Dante just started 1st grade and is staring out the window…

me: How’s school?

d-: Good.

me: What’s your favorite class?

d-: I don’t know.


d-: I don’t like Spanish so much.

me: What language would you rather learn?

d-: Wookie.

me: Wookie?  Say something in Wookie.


me: What was that?

d-: Hello.

me: Can you say the alphabet in Wookie?


me: wow, that’s amazing. I want to learn wookie too.

…I love hanging out with Dante.

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