The Chimera Bike Project

Last summer my old bicycle frame developed a crack in the top tube and needed to be retired (Yes, even frames will eventually wear out when you ride them long enough).  Cannondale no longer makes a 66cm frame since moving their production line to Asia so I had to come up with a suitable replacement.  Getting a bike to fit me always involves a lot of customization, creativity, compromises, AND knowledgeable and patient bike mechanics/fitters — Thanks Wes, Taylor, Ryan and Jeff!

So here is the latest result of that collaboration…

The Chimera is described in mythology as a fusion between two beasts.  Depending on how it is viewed it will appear either as a goat or a lion.  This bike depending on how it is viewed will appear either as a mountain bike or as a road bike.  Several compatibility issues were overcome to complete this build along with locating several discontinued and rare parts such as a 180mm/BB30/mountain crank and an XXXL Mtn bike frame.

I actually took delivery of the bike two weeks ago and could no longer wait to go for a ride.  So today, with the sun shining, 36°F, and mostly dry roads, I took it for a spin….

20 miles later I give it a “like”.  With a few more tweaks I’ll give it a +1.

IMG_0063 IMG_0064 IMG_0060 IMG_0061 IMG_0062

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