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The Chimera Bike Project

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Last summer my old bicycle frame developed a crack in the top tube and needed to be retired (Yes, even frames will eventually wear out when you ride them long enough).  Cannondale no longer makes a 66cm frame since moving … Continue reading

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Asphalt Walk-Out Socks

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Last summer I did a solo ride up and over the Nebo Loop here in Utah.  This is a very scenic ride with ~5000 feet of climbing and 75 miles without much access to water or other support facilities.  I … Continue reading

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Interview with a Wookie

[ed note:  Normally I would post this entry in the “Notes” section of Facebook but it has proven to be unsuitable for curation so I am posting here instead] A week ago I am driving home with Dante; running my leg of … Continue reading

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DIY Shoe Covers

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… after a long hiatus I am back. When I view the stats on this blog I am amazed that people continue to visit here long after any new content has appeared. So here is something to alleviate my guilt. … Continue reading

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Fwd: THE GLMR | Ride for Hope, Healing, & Happiness

This post is actually composed from an email I recently received from a friend, Herrick Muhlestein.  I think it is self explanatory.  I plan to participate in this ride.  I invite you to join in also. Thanks, -ed I refer … Continue reading

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Training Wheels Considered Harmful

About 25 years ago I learned of a simple method for teaching kids to ride a bicycle without training wheels.  I learned of this method on Usenet in rec.bicycles when the Internet was still a nascent communication medium.  Unfortunately I … Continue reading

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Repurposing Purell

I recently placed an item on my “Bucket List” see Tour Divide As part of the preparations/research for this ride I have been experimenting with various products and finding new/novel ways of combining and re-purposing them in order achieve overall … Continue reading

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